Frisson sound x love will save the day

I wrote a piece and provided a playlist for the incredible LWSTD weekly mailer. If you're not signed up do so, it's well worthy of your inbox. 

"LWSTD is a collective that believe music, people, and love have the power to provide us with hope. This is our way of bringing those three sacred elements together.

We have two ways of expressing this. The first is a quarterly dance by the sea, the second is a weekly letter featuring new music, links to live streams, and a carefully curated playlist each week. It goes out every Friday at 11am."

I took my chance to express my love of all things 'dub' across a 30 track playlist, highlighting material that pushes the genre's boundaries and material that is in debt to dub's aesthetic. 

My mailer and playlist below: 

I want to thank Jed for putting me in the driving seat for this week's list, what an honour. Friday's for me are now synonymous with Love Will Save the Day, and I would add that whittling this list down to 30 was very challenging indeed. 

I’ve themed this list around ‘dub’ and its mutant variants, whilst keeping an eye on the three part Leary / Mancuso / Love Will Save the Day ‘bardos’…

I realised recently just how much dub has influenced my musical outlook. Growing up attending sessions such as the University of Dub, Jah Shaka and Channel One events, alongside the Notting Hill Carnival, has shaped my perception of many other genres beyond the original source (roots, reggae etc). This list aims to chart the way in which dub has infiltrated my tastes and show its influence amongst other musical backdrops. 

I've built it from the foundations up, starting with the original pioneers and masters of vintage studio trickery. King Tubby, Mittoo, The Revolutionaries and Mad Professor all feature early on, and its Scratch Perry that kicks things off, he'll return throughout the list, but here we find him at his most playful. Inviting bullfrog, alligator, and music lovers alike to join him on the journey. I think that's all of us then? Warrior Stance is a shout to Jah Shaka and representative of early digi dub that was / is so prominent within UK sound system culture. 

From here things go further East, and more transcendental, with material from Sahel Sounds pushing things into North African desert territory, and Digital Mystikz presenting Scratch Perry's return in a more haunting role. The Rhythm and Sound track is probably the deepest we go, bringing that German dub techno aesthetic to simmer underneath vocals from Jamaican royalty Cornel Campbell. I've also included a deadly track by Ramadanman, with brooding bass and the beginnings of those drums that would later form the basis of his Pearson Sound alter ego. Following this, dub infected dancehall / reggaeton rhythms in the form of DJ Python, and Elite Beat, then Latin American influenced productions by Mala who definitely knows his way around low end frequencies. Qawwali brings that immersive and sparse type of dubstep that was incredible in pushing the genre in all the right directions in 2006.

Skull Dub is a prime example of a track that I instantly loved largely due to its dub stylings, it also provides the perfect jump off into some skippy two-step and the third part of the Mancuso / Leary mantra; re-entry. Alongside the stripped back swagger there is something slightly punk-funk about the Laps track that paves the way neatly into some favourite disco dub material. To finish I've gone full circle back to where we started in Jah, Scientist with his dub version of the Tamlins / Nina Simone classic - Baltimore. I really hope you enjoy, and please do listen in order - that is important! 

As always, if you’ve read to here, thanks for indulging me ♥️ .

-  -  

  1. Lee "Scratch" Perry - Music & Science Madness
  2. Bob Andy & Mad Professor - Brothers' Faith (dub)
  3. King Tubby - King Tubby Meets Rockers Uptown
  4. The Revolutionaries - Kunta Kinte Dub
  5. Dread and Fred - Warrior Stance
  6. Jackie Mittoo - Russian Satellite 
  7. abu AMA - Kufi Wood Art
  8. Hama & Krucial Kuts - Imidiwan N'assouf (dub mix)
  9. DJ Khalab & Baba Sissoko - Tata
  10. Seekers International - RunComeTest
  11. Golden Teacher - Instigator (dub)
  12. Lee "Scratch" Perry - Like The Way You Should (Digital Mystikz remix)
  13. Rhythm & Sound - King in My Empire 
  14. Jay Glass Dubs - Sieben Dub
  15. Ramadanman - Bass Drums
  16. Len Leise - Stepping
  17. DJ Python - Las Palmas 
  18. Elite Beat - Budget
  19. Mala - Calle F
  20. Pinch - Qawwali
  21. Sherwood & Pinch - Lies
  22. Guerilla Toss - Skull Dub
  23. Burial - Unite
  24. Smith & Mighty - B Line Fi Blo
  25. Cooly G - Love Dub
  26. Laps - Who Me?
  27. Roxy Music - Love Is the Drug (Todd Terje disco dub)
  28. Disco Dub Band - For the Love of Money
  29. Sheila Hylton - Falling in Love (Waxist edit)
  30. Scientist - Taxi to Baltimore Dub

See you on the dance floor.
Love Will Save the Day