‘Frisson’ pronounced ‘free-sawn’ is the French word for ‘Shiver’ and is predominantly used to describe the experience of goosebumps or chills when listening to music. This physical reaction is the pinnacle of musical consumption. The music presented here is the curation of the never ending search for that feeling. In places its musical perfection, in some its the unexpected, in others the ability to transport the listener to another place, time or world…

The playlist is handpicked and delivered one track at a time, dailyIn addition to my selections, are guest takeovers and special features. As a DJ, the large majority of music presented on this site is sourced from my personal vinyl collection and vinyl will always be my preferred format. Taking time to dig through records and explore LPs often produces the best finds. There is a monthly residency coming soon, where resident DJ's alongside special guests share further choice rarities from their record collections. 

‘Frisson’ only supplies music that I 100% believe in. No filler.

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